EC Council Learning

Unleash the Power of Linux!

Master App Development, Server Configuration, and Networking in No Time
$ 79 /Course
  • Setup an integrated development an environment
  • Develop a web application using Meteor.js
  • Learn about Ubuntu Linux Command Line Tools
  • Learn how to navigate your system using the Bash shell with essential BASH command
  • Get Immediate Access to 140 Premium Lessons

Bug Bounty
Hunting Essentials

Learn to hunt high-impact vulnerabilities
$ 79 /Course
  • Find bugs in high target Bug Bounty programs
  • Discovering various vulnerability types
  • Exploring the various ethical hacking techniques
  • Secure Android applications and vulnerabilities
  • Access to 3 premium courses and 80+ videos
Special Offer

Mastering Digital Forensics

Learn to detect and backtrack cyber criminals and hackers with digital forensics!
$ 79 /Course
  • Administering and supporting Linux in your environment
  • Creating, editing, and searching files and directories
  • Identifying what digital artifacts will be present during an investigation
  • How to forensically image devices
  • 10+ Hours of Premium Practical Learning

Strengthen Your Pentesting Skills Through Capture the Flag Exercises

Build your own virtual lab environment. Learn to use pentesting tools to enumerate and gain root access
$ 79 /Course
  • Learn about CTF exercises
  • Build your own virtual lab environment
  • Learn basic to advance level Pentesting
  • Capture the Flags using various tools

Master Open-Source Intelligence

Three premium courses that train you in gathering intelligence from published sources to support your intelligence needs. ​
$ 79 /Course
  • What Open-Source Intelligence is and what it is not ​
  • Various tools for searching, gathering, analyzing, and documenting information to protect yourself and your company
  • Finding Information that you would expect to be confidential ​
  • Protecting your identity while searching and maneuvering covertly ​

The Ultimate JavaScript Bundle

Master JavaScript with Hands-on Exercises and Real-World Projects!
$ 79 /Course
  • Everything you need to know about variables, operators, strings, and more!
  • Conditional Statements and Loops
  • Full-stack JavaScript with Nodejs
  • Creating and working with REST APIs

Becoming a Network
Security Engineer

Master the Fundamentals of Networking
$ 79 /Course
  • Common network protocols and their purpose
  • Functionality of each layer of TCP/IP protocol
  • Build and maintain Microsoft Server 2019
  • Active Directory Administration
Special Offer

Becoming a DevOps Professional

Master Essential Skills to Become a Skilled DevOps
$ 79 /Course
  • DevOps from total scratch
  • How DevOps technologies work together
  • DevOps Processes, Tools, & Technologies
  • How to build complete DevOps Lifecycle
Special Offer

Integrating Security
into IoT

Build Essential Skills in IoT
$ 79 /Course
  • Build your own Portable Hacking Device
  • IoT benefits and the privacy concerns
  • Significance of privacy concerns in IoT
  • Network scenarios like wireless security
Special Offer

Cybersecurity Project

Become a Cybersecurity Project Manager
$ 79 /Course
  • Guidance and standards of IAM
  • Approaches for implementing effective IAM
  • Creating a compliance team
  • Managing an enterprise security incident
Special Offer

Practical AI for

Learn How to Use Artificial Intelligence
$ 79 /Course
  • Master linear algebra & modeling
  • Deep Learning
  • Emotion Detection
  • Principal component analysis
Special Offer

Become a Full Stack

Master Skills to Become a Full Stack Developer
$ 79 /Course
  • Fundamentals of creating secure code in Java
  • Developing Spring MVC Application from scratch
  • Creating repositories and manage entities 
  • How to use Git to manage your personal projects
Special Offer

Capture the Flag Learning Path

$ 79 /Course
  • Learn about CTF exercises
  • Build your own virtual lab environment
  • Learn basic to advance level Pentesting
  • 3 Premium Courses

Ultimate Red Team Cyber Suite

$ 79 /Course
  • access to 15 popular cybersecurity courses
  • 95+ hours of premium practical learning
  • 3 bonus courses worth $114.97—completely free!
  • certificates of achievement after completing each course
$39.99 Special

Master Data Protection Techniques and Security Microsoft's Azure!

$ 79 /Course
  • Everything about Azure Active Directory
  • Understanding Azure AD Federation
  • Configuring and managing Azure virtual networks
  • Managing Azure identities

Cybersecurity Fundamentals for Beginners

$ 79 /Course
  • How malicious hackers can turn your social media against you
  • How ransomware, worms, trojans, spyware, viruses, and other types of malware work
  • Effective techniques to detect and protect against common attacks
  • Setting up a small environment for security testing

Programming Fundamentals and Security

$ 79 /Course
  • Developing a C program in a Secured Way
  • Learning about the basics of C Programming Language
  • Fundamentals of creating secure code in C++
  • Fundamentals of creating secure code in Java

Adopting Security and Privacy in Data

$ 79 /Course
  • Understanding what incident response is
  • Data privacy concepts
  • How to think as a real privacy professional
  • How to look for compliance issues and what needs your attention