Our two main starting points for your InfoSec journey are CND – Certified Network Defender and CEH Certified Ethical Hacker. These two courses identify and illustrate the system components that threat agents’ probe for weaknesses. Only by understanding the what, how and when system compromise can happen will you be able to put up an adequate defense.

Explore TCP/IP protocols to gain an understanding of how they impact the security of computer systems. Gain familiarity with the OSI – Open Systems Integration model and how data flows from the physical to the application layer and back again.

Most of our courses utilize EC Council’s iLabs. This highly developed cyber range is perfect for practicing with tools like Nmap and Wireshark. Up your skill set with Metasploit and gain confidence in system compromise. Become a true Web Master and learn the front end and backend of web services and how to use web proxies. Become a Master of Cyber Hacking.


cnd certification

Learn how to Wireshark like a pro. Learn how to listen for messaging like email and web application. Understand how information can be manipulated to create fake news. Gain a deeper control over Wireshark and how to manipulate the tool for insight into data flow.

Gain an understanding in how information can be injected into a network using tools like Nmap. Gain working knowledge of exploitation tools like Metasploit and how to configure exploits and paylods. Understand and control web application proxies like Burp Suite and Owasp’s Zed.

Ultimately follow the Ethical Hacker map to achieve the licensed Penetration tester certification. A 6-hour hands on test of your skills to perform a penetration test, compromise machines and applications and report on the vulnerabilities found. Take a look at the roadmap here (hyperlink to LPT roadmap). Check out schedule for guaranteed classes or contact us for a specially designed class at your location. Click here to contact us info@ethical-hacking.us

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